Shop worldwide

Glopal provides a safe and secure platform for you to buy from the best international retailers and brands.

These merchants are located everywhere from Paris, New York and London to Berlin, Warsaw and Shanghai, but all are delivered to you in your language, your currency and with the full backing of PayPal’s buyer protection. When you order through a Glopal store your order is delivered directly from the merchant to your door.

More choice

We help thousands of merchants to sell more internationally giving you the widest choice of products.

Full protection

All purchases made through a Glopal store are backed by PayPal’s buyer protection program.

Affordable shipping

Through Webinterpret’s parcel forwarding service, Glopal merchants are able to offer super affordable international shipping.

All Glopal stores are

PayPal protected

Glopal stores are delivered in exclusive partnership with Webinterpret and Paypal. Any order placed on a Glopal store is backed by PayPal’s buyer protection program. Which means there is not a safer more secure way to buy products online.